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Welcome to the Cochrane Clan - New Zealand Site

This site is currently under cosntruction and we will be able to bring you more over the coming weeks

Recently we lost a Patriarc of the Clan in New Zealand with the passing of Ron Thomas Cochrane, and some of the events of that day will form the first edition of this site.

A poem written by Ron's Grand-daughter Deborah Mason is listed below

We are going to miss you dearly,

You were the very best

But it is time for you to go now

Go to your eternal rest

We know you were so tired

And the days had become too long

We know you didnít want to leave us behind

But for you we will be strong


We will remember you for always

A hole in our lives we can never replace

But the memories will linger on

You will never be gone

Your dignity, your strength, your grace


So walk the path now and donít look back

We hope you find peace on the other side

We will see you again someday up in Heaven

And remember you with much love and pride.


This page was last updated on 07/04/09.